At Ali Hope Foundation, we know that with hearing far better than the best human hearing, a dog can make a huge difference in a world of silence and darkness!

Deaf people who use one of our hearing dogs can choose the sounds they wish their dogs to be trained to respond to. The dogs will alert them by “pawing”/touch and lead them to the source of a variety of important daily sounds.

A selection of the choice of sounds would include:

At home:

Doorbell ringing/knocking on the door
Knocking on a window
Fax ringing
Mobile text message/beeper beeps
Child calling “mommy” (or other name e.g. daddy, granny etc.)
Family member or other person calling the name of the dog’s partner
Alarm clock ringing
Wind up minute timer, oven or microwave timer going off

Water boiling
Baby crying
War siren alert

Sounds away from home:

Mobile text message/beeper beeps
Fax tone at work

Name of dog’s partner if co-worker, friend or family member calls out that name
War siren alert

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