Our Directors


Tamara Meirovich


Tamara was born in Argentina.  She was born deaf, and at the age of 4, she was sent to a school for the deaf in Buenos Aires. At the age of 9, she was diagnosed with Ushers Syndrome, which caused deterioration of her eyesight.

At age 12 and a half years old, she made aliyah to Israel with her family. She attended a school for the deaf right away and learnt Hebrew after her mother tongue (Spanish).
After school, she married a deaf man and has two grown up healthy daughters.
She is a qualified dog trainer who serves the Ali Hope Foundation voluntarily. Tamara is in charge of making decisions and training the dogs.




Deputy Director
Tracy van Eek

Tracy was born in South Africa and has been living in Israel since January 1995.  She was born deaf, due to her mother having German Measles during her pregnancy. 

She studied, qualified, and worked in Civil Engineering and Computers in South Africa. She has been teaching computers to the deaf in Israel. Tracy enjoys nature and also swimming is her favourite hobby.

Tracy has studied and trained and is qualified to work with the deaf-blind. She now works most of her time with deaf-blind people in Israel.

Tracy, too, works with Ali Hope voluntarily. She works on administration and communication details and attends meetings. Tracy is able to lipread well and translates  to Tamara when needed.

There are also 5 others on the board of Ali Hope. 




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