Our goals:

To improve the independence and well-being of Deaf and Deaf-Blind Israelis through the provision of specially-trained Hearing Dogs.
Most deaf or deaf-blind people at some stage face the reality of missing important sounds -- crucial, possibly life-saving warnings (eg the war siren alert) that many hearing people take for granted. Mainly those individuals who live alone or in a place where there are no hearing people, it can be important that they be alerted to certain happenings eg.  a knock at the door, an alarm; the sound of a prowler.
Our dogs give deaf people security of sounds around them, and they know they have a dog that can be trusted for their safety.

Ali Hope-trained Hearing dogs will offer further a practical alternative for many deaf people and can be constant companions capable of responding to many different situations and alerting their deaf owners to important sounds. Also providing emotional and social benefits through their companionship and encouragement of more contact with public society as people will SEE that the person is  deaf as deafness is an unseen handicap and they will get more practical help from people in public.  The dog will also perform a protection role as well.
The dogs are specially trained to assist by alerting deaf and deaf-blind people to become aware of certain needed daily sounds they  miss out on both at home and in public places.
Dogs will be trained and placed with people who are deaf and Deaf-Blind.  The Deaf Blind will not feel alone, they will be alerted to sounds within the home and be lead carefully to the source of the sound. The Deaf Blind person will be able to go out for air just outside their home and enjoy to have company with their sound alerting dog.  These dogs will not be guide dogs for the blind, to lead them in public. 

The deaf person who has the hearing dog can choose the sounds they want their puppy to be trained to respond to and alert them by “pawing”/touch and lead them to a variety of important daily sounds they don’t hear.

Tracy and Tamara

Our director is Tamara Meirovich, who is deaf with Ushers Syndrome and is a qualified dog trainer.  She has already trained 3 dogs voluntarily. 

There isn't much support for the deaf and deaf-blind in Israel. We are hoping that the Foundation will aid this community in special ways.

Another goal is that we would like to see other deaf and deaf-blind people actively involved in the foundation to develop more skills that might help them find employment in the future. 


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