Now in training...

Labrador Retrievers Lev and Tara. 

Lev has a little heart shape on her head, so we called her Heart in Hebrew. (Lev)

Tara is very sweet, calm, and peaceful. She also loves the outdoors so we called her ‘hills’. (Tara)

Training puppies takes a lot of dedication, patience, and hard work. However, the reward is knowing that this will bring great blessing by enabling someone to become much more independent.

Currently, the puppies are learning their names in ISL (Israeli Sign Language). Tamara is teaching them to recognize their names when they are ‘finger spelled’.

For example, when L-E-V sees her name spelled, she responds by touching Tamara's leg with her paw or jumping on Tamara's leg. She then receives a reward. The learning process is fun for both the puppies and Tamara.

Currently the puppies are learning the following commands:  When Tamara wants them to lie down, she signs "A" in ISL.  When she wants them to sit, she signs "SH" in ISL (Israeli Sign Language).




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